The images below are provided for use as tokens in your game system of choice. Because of the large difference in size, I have broken them down into groups. The ships on each page are properly scaled (only) with other ships on the same page. A few ships are shown on multiple pages to demonstrate the change of scale. The 300 dpi images are 3.75 x 5 inches so that they will produce one inch tokens if printed normally and 2 inch tokens if printed out at double size (while still fitting on a normal sheet of paper). Note that these are PNG images and have a transparent background for easier use on-screen.

These ships are from the Future Armada product line created by Ryan Wolfe. Permission is given to print these images for personal, non-profit, use.

What's Next

2017 should see two or three new Poster/Mini Kickstarter campaigns featuring Vangaurd Station, Kintaro, and others. The Crucible-class space station from Shadowstar Corsairs will get its own issue of Armada Codex, and I hope to explore some new digital product ideas. Though "Future Armada 20 :Redux Beta" was the final issue of Future Armada, many Armada Codex (and other) issues will follow so long as people are interested and I can prop myself up at my keyboard.

As an aside (because I seem to get asked this a lot), I use 3D Studio MAX to make my ship models. Everything else is done in Photoshop. I have a pretty good collection of textures and objects that I use (along with lots and lots of layers) to build the deckplans after I finish the initial maps on graph paper.