This ongoing series of electronic books (.PDF Files) presents complete descriptions, deckplans, statistics, and 3D renderings of a wide variety of starships, stations, and support vessels.

  • Includes full color maps designed for miniatures (1 inch = 5 feet).
    • Divided up into printable pages, and as poster-size images where possible.
    • Printer friendly, black & white map pages are also included.
  • Uses the Open Game License (OGL) and sci-fi System Reference Document (SRD) to provide familiar stats for ships and crew - though the models, maps, history, and interior descriptions are completely system independent.
  • Demo documents for every issue are available for free download.

  • There is also a large collection of sample art in the gallery of starships.

Standard issues are $5.95 (BIG ones are $8.50) exclusively at DriveThru and RPGNow.

Since they don't fit well in the image above, I've created a separate portrait of the big ships. For those interested I also drew up a version showing the small ships labeled and another showing the big ships labeled with issue number and ship name. There is also a big image with many of the ship logos available for viewing.

For various reasons, I have made some minor variants of some existing ships, and a whole new deck for the strike carrier Orion. People who own the Future Armada issues can download PDF files with these misc bonus pages and the Orion-specific bonus pages to modify their map layouts.

Because many people have asked about the Confederation, I have written up some of my design notes on the Future Armada setting. Lastly, a short Errata Document is provided. It contains corrections that have been made to the products (new updates will already include these changes).

Thank you for stopping by - you can contact me with questions or concerns (email information can be found from the main page). I hope that the ships and stations of Future Armada may be of use to you in your campaign. More will be joining the fleet in the months ahead.


Ryan Wolfe