Ryan Wolfe


Welcome to the virtual den of Ryan Wolfe. As 0 hr: art & technology I do graphic design, digital art, document production, and software development. These links lead to several examples of my work, as well as an informal portfolio from my career as a software engineer. Note that my older artistic endeavors were completed as Ki Ryn Studios. The Studio still exists - it has become the art in "art & technology" and reference to ki-ryn.com should be read as 0-hr.com instead.

Ki Ryn Studios & Zero Hour
      Future Armada (including my gallery of starship art)
      Zero Hour: Fantasy Cartography
      Freelance Contracts

BlackWyrm Games
      Lux Aeternum
      Other Projects

Graphic Design Portfolio
Programming Portfolio


As this is also my personal web page, below are links not directly part of the "0 hr: art & technology" initiative.

Misc. Artwork from various personal projects
Teaching Portfolio from my graduate program in 2010
email: 0hr.art.and.tech @ gmail.com