Welcome to the 0-hr.com Shadowstar Shop! I'm currently out of stock but if I come up with any more ship sets, damaged/returned games, or anything else Shadowstar related, I will post it here. Last time I looked, my local game store had a copy of the Standard Edition of Shadowstar Corsairs still on the shelves. I could buy and ship it for $60 USD. Email me if you are interested.


As independent starship captains, players use politics, technology, and raw firepower to gain control of the Shadowstar Expanse. A mix of tactical and strategic planning is required to claim terriorty, improve your fleet, and defeat your rivals. The game includes all of the stretch goals unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign, such as painted ships, a 5th player, and non-player factions.

There is more information on the back of the box and you can dowload the rule book and more from the Shadowstar Corsairs page.

Sold Out


Ryan Wolfe