The items below are works that I have created as advertisments for various products.


Using some of our existing art, I created a flyer for BlackWyrm Games to hand out from the booth at GENCON (the anual gaming convention in Indianapolis). The images are the front and back of the flyer for 2007, the back of the 2006 flyer (the front didn't change much), and a less ink-intensive version for a book insert.

This is the cover of a brochure (a real one). I built the model, did the rendering, layout, and everything else on this project.

These are two fake items, created as support art for The Algernon Files book. The first is a concert poster for a fictional band. The second is a mock-up of a used concert ticket for that same band.

I designed the BlackWrym Games logo, business cards, and web site. Below are banners that I made for my own product lines. Designed for display at the top of a web page, they would then link to the product site.