This is an assortment of book covers (for both hardcopy, and electronic books) for which I did the design, coloring, composition, and layout. The line art for individual characters was done by a different member of the team.


Below are the complete covers (front and back) for the second edition of The Algernon Files (a superhero role-playing game supplement) and its sequel, the pulp-era Fires-of-War.

Here is the cover for the first edition of The Algernon Files, which was also my first cover assignment.

As the lead designer and primary author on the Lux Aeternum project (a setting for the True20 game system), I did the majority of writing and layout, as well as some of the art itself. Clicking on the thumbnail will load a .pdf demo document for the Expanded Setting Guide. Other than the initial drawings for characters, the art is mine as well.

This is a draft of a cover idea for
the first fiction novel to be published
by BlackWyrm Games.

These are examples from personal projects - electronic gaming documents sold online. Each one is 100% my work, from the model on up.