In the spring of 2004, I had the opportunity to draw up the cover, and a few maps, for the on-line Digital Hero magazine (issue #20 to be exact).

For the cover, I reworked some old models I had made in 3D Studio and put together a space invasion scene.


The maps were created as part of a Star Hero adventure. The first map is a homestead on a colony world. Here the heroes learn of the impending invasion. The second one is an encounter on the road as alien drop ships descend from the heavens. And the last map is an orphanage that is under attack by more aliens.

The images below were created for another Star Hero adventure, this one in Digital Hero #21. Initially, the intrepid adventurers descend upon a small alien listening post atop a large iceberg. The middle map shows the layout of the outpost and the final image shows what (unbeknownst to the players) lies beneath the iceberg.

The above images are the property of Hero Games.


Below are a few more maps initially created for Digital Hero. These show a nuclear submarine, first at the navy pier, then at the villain's secret lair, and later visiting the secret lab on Monster Island. A close-up of the island can be seen here.