Here in are listed the titles upon which I have worked as a programmer and lead at Top Dog Software in Austin, Texas. 

Lunar Golf 

Final Fantasy V 

TNN Bassfishing '97 

Gunboat Diplomacy 

When my fiancee gained admittance to the University of Texas to begin work on her doctorate, I started looking for a way to move my career from D.C. to Austin. So it was that, late in 1995, I secured a position at Top Dog Software (founded by Sean Hill) and realized my long-time dream of getting into the game industry. Over the years, I watched the company quadruple in size and then slowly decline until closing it's doors in June of '98. Along the way, I learned much about the game industry and had the opportunity to work with some very talented people. The links on this page give a brief overview of the projects that I was part of during this time.