Morgana, Ferrum Quaesitor, & Iroquois

small ship set
Poster: $15
4 Miniature Set: $10

This small ship set features a half-sized poster and three ships:

The Morgana class is a small warship that carries a crew of six and is meant for escort and patrol duties, often in pairs or trios. There are two versions, the V1 is laid out horizontally while the V2 is a tail lander. Both are stylish and dangerous torpedo boats.

The dome-shaped Ferrum Quaesitor (“Iron Seeker) is a very affordable low-tech design built for asteroid prospecting, mining, and hauling. An even cheaper, stripped-down version good only for moving cargo, is also provided. The former has bunks for six and the latter for two.

The Iroquois drop ship is designed to move a squad of up to fourteen soldiers from low orbit to a planet-side battlefield and back. With the seats folded up, it can instead carry an armored personnel carrier (itself designed for a squad of eight plus the driver).

These ships are from the Morgana Trio issue of the Armada Codex, for sale at DriveThruRPG.


The trio of small craft fills up both sides of this 18x24 inch poster. The front and back of one poster are displayed above.

The set of miniatures sold above includes 1 Morgana, 1 Ferrum Quaesitor, and 2 Iroquois. Individual Morgana and Ferrum Quaesitor models, plus 4-packs of Iroquois, are available below. A black 1-inch stand is included with each Morgana and Ferrum. The dropships do not use stands.

Morgana: $5
Ferrum Quaesitor: $5
4 Iroquois-class Dropships: $6

Ryan Wolfe