Nightingale, Kalmar, & K62

small ship set 3
Poster: $15
4 Miniature Set: $10

This small ship set features a half-sized poster and three ships: the Nightingale medical transport, the Kalmar tanker, and the Cavalo K62 Shuttle.

The Nightingale medical transport is a first responder for heavy casualty events - whether it be a civilian disaster or a military engagement. The ship has two surgery bays plus sixteen medical cryo-chambers to hold casualties for future treatment. She carries a pair of ambulance shuttles and has bunks for up to eight crew.

With a crew of 2 to 4, the Kalmar-class tanker is designed to haul fuel, water, and other liquids. The main decks can rotate for horizontal flight or tail landings. It is unarmed but has a pair of aft-mounted micro minelayers and the ability to jet away in “turbo” mode (thus the name, which derives from “Кальмар”, the Russian word for squid).

The K62 is a larger version of K6 medical shuttle carried by the Nightingale. It’s registered as a “recreational vehicle” meant for families on vacation or extended trips, but the half dozen bunks and extended range also make it useful for exploration, courier duties, or as a simple home away from home.

The original designs are from Armada Codex: Nightingale Trio PDF product, which is for sale at DriveThruRPG.


The trio of small craft fills up both sides of this 18x24 inch poster. The front and back of one poster are displayed above.

The set of miniatures sold above includes 1 Nightingale, 1 Kalmar, and 2 K62 Cargo Shuttles. Individual Nightingale and Kalmar models, plus 4-packs of shuttles, are available below. A black 1-inch stand is included with each Nightingale and Kalmar. The shuttles do not use stands.

Nightingale: $5
Kalmar: $5
4 K62 Shuttles: $6

Ryan Wolfe