Integrated Survey Ship
Poster: $25
Ulysses Miniature Set: $8
$35 for two copies*

The Ulysses-class long-range planetary survey vessel consists of two medium-sized craft designed to function independently or joined together. The “Carrack” section is the base of operations, containing the primary scanning and communications systems plus spacious cargo holds and science labs. The “Dromon” is a VTOL heavy lifter designed to get the Carrack planetside and back in hostile conditions and is also in charge of mission security.

The Ulysses craft are built to excel far beyond the frontier; conducting planetary surveys, stellar cartography, and reconnaissance. Useful in both civilian and military roles – they are well suited for cargo hauling or relief missions as well as general mercenary work. With their cryo tanks, ample supplies, and a variety of support vehicles, there are few missions for which this self-reliant duo is not ready.

The original ship is from Armada Codex:Ulysses digital product, which is for sale at DriveThruRPG.

*The front and back of a single poster are displayed above. Because the ship spans both sides, a special price is provided for two copies of the poster to display all of the ship at once.

A "Ulysses" miniature set consists of one Carrack section and one Dromon section which can be joined together or separated at will. A pair of black 1-inch stands are included with each set.


Ryan Wolfe