Vanguard Station

listening post
poster: $25
miniature: $6
$35 for two copies*

This small outpost is designed to serve a variety of functions: listening post, supply depot, garrison, or truck stop. It houses a crew of 10 with barracks and facilities for 16 additional personnel or guests. It boasts a dedicated detention center and hangar bays for two shuttles, as well as administrative offices and a restaurant/lounge. Whether the characters are just visiting (voluntarily or not), or looking for a place to call their own, this little station can fit the bill.

The design is from Future Armada:Vanguard Station.

*The front and back of a single poster are displayed above. Because the station spans both sides, a special price is provided for two copies of the poster to display the entire map at once.
A 1-inch black flight stand is included with the miniature.

Some assembly is required. The model consists of the top, spine, and four identical storage tanks.


Ryan Wolfe