organic alien designs
Poster: $25
4 Miniature Set: $12
$35 for two copies*

The V'lar craft are a hybrid organic design suitable for anything from plant-based to undead-themed aliens. The poster includes complete deck plans for both the Beetle cargo ship and the Manta bomber, plus the Skull heavy fighter.

The original designs are from Armada Codex:V'lar Common Craft.

*The front and back of a single poster are displayed above. Because the ships span both sides, a special price is provided for two copies of the poster to display all of the ships at once.

The set of miniatures sold above includes 1 Manta, 1 Beetle, and 2 Skull Fighters. Individual Mantas and Beetles, plus 4-packs of Skulls, are available below. A black 1-inch stand is included with each Manta and Beetle. The Skulls do not use stands.

Manta Miniature: $6
Beetle Miniature: $6
4 Skull Fighters: $6

Ryan Wolfe