Welcome to Port Zero. This is a free collection of Starfinder stat sheets for select 0-hr Armada ships. There are flat JPEG images and form-fillable PDF files with color and black & white layers. Please note that I had to come up with some House Rules in order to fit my pre-exiting ships into Starfinder.

Due to the sheer number of ships, I have grouped them into volumes of 12 to 15 ships each:

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

The PDF files are best viewed using an Adobe Reader with "field highlighting" turned off

Blank Ship Sheet

Extended Sheet
with weapon stats


Visit 0-hr.com for deckplan posters, miniatures, and entire documents devoted to these ships!
For the math behind many of the ships, download this collection of Worksheets in a Word doc.

(C) 2017-18 by Ryan Wolfe. Permission is given to reproduce for personal use.