Rocketship X-84, V7-A, Class 5 Flying Saucer, Type 2 U.F.O.

small ship set
Poster: $15
5 Miniature Set: $10

This "Retro Pack" presents two rockets: a classic tail lander and a more futuristic horizontal option; plus a single-pilot UFO and a larger flying saucer.

The V7-A is a classic tail-landing atomic-powered rocket with a crew of four. It has six levels, wingtip lasers, and a detachable command capsule for emergencies.

Rocketship X-84 is laid out horizontally, like an aircraft with two decks. It also carries a crew of four. This one is armed with a turret on top and features a singularity core and stardrive for propulsion. The backbone of the alien force is the Class Five Flying Saucer. Similar in size to the human rockets but with the classic disc shape, it has a crew of five, dimensional displacement drive, transporter beam, and disintegration ray. It's also equipped with a lab, examination room, and holding cell for choice specimens.

The Type Two UFO is the alien version of a fighter craft: a small, maneuverable ship that carries a single pilot and is armed with a disintegration beam

These ships are from the Retro Pack issue of the Armada Codex, for sale at DriveThruRPG.


The quartet of small craft fills up both sides of this 18x24 inch poster. The front and back of one poster are displayed above.

The set of miniatures sold above includes 1 V7-A (vertical) rocket, 1 (horizontal) Rocketship X-84, 1 "Class 5" Flying Saucer, and a pair of small "Type 2" UFOs. Individual V7-A, X-84, and Class 5 models, plus 4-packs of UFOs, are available below. A base is included with each X-84 and Class 5 Flying Saucer. The other models do not use stands.

V7-A: $3
X-84: $4
Flying Saucer: $4
4 UFOs: $4

Ryan Wolfe