You have arrived at the poster & miniature shop! These are deluxe starship posters and cast resin miniatures produced through my Kickstarter campaigns. Posters are doubles-sided 24x36 inches at 1 in = 5 ft scale with a grid built in. Digital versions and documents are at DriveThruRPG.

Miniatures are professionaly cast resin models. Ships range from about 1/2 to 3 inches long. A one-inch hex flight stand is included with each model that needs one. Minor assembly and a dab of glue may be required. Ships are not painted. Most merchandise is also available at the Port Zero Etsy Shop (where mini shipping is a bit less, posters a bit more).


I will be on vacation until April 7th. Orders placed now will ship when I return.


U.S. shipping is $5 per order*

This is regardless of the number of items ordered and is added during check out.


Clydesdale Grendel Venture & Vega Cygnus Gryphon

Mourning Wolf Scarab Morningstar Renegade Vanguard Station

Kintaro Crucible Mercury Exeter V'lar

Drake Cyntek Lakota Xuan Wu Jade & Remora

Talon Sengdao 3 Kagekumo Jinda-Hikari Nightingale Trio

Cervantes Chimaerus Atlas Trinity Praetorian

Yoshida Nero Morgana Trio Ulysses Retro Pack

Tri-TOAD Fourth Precinct L7 Bar & Grill HQ1: House Overlund Port Leonis

Anderson Place HQ2: Citadel Secundus


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If you have problems with paint adhesion, try pre-washing with isopropyl alcohol (to remove any release agent) then apply a self-etching auto primer. It eats into the surface just enough to bond well. For assembly, I use the Clear Gorilla Glue that claims to bond "Wood, Stone, Metal, ...".

*Due to constant changes in shipping rates and rules, I cannot predetermine international shipping costs. Currently international shipping costs are about $20 for miniatures and small posters, and around $50 otherwise depending on location, but please contact me at 0-hr @ to determine the exact cost and I will adjust the default charge accordingly.


Ryan Wolfe