Sengdao, Prospector, & Akela

small ship set 2
Poster: $15
4 Miniature Set: $10

This half-sized poster features three small ships: the Sengdao luxury transport, SVN-07 Prospector, and Akela-class shuttle.

Sengdao is a high-end transport or yacht. Sleek and stylish, with five cabins and enough room to carry up to seven crew and passengers in comfort; she’s well-armed for a ship of her size and has space for some cargo as well.

The SNV Prospector is a working ship made to mine and transport metal ore. Industrial and rugged, this vessel epitomizes the “form follows function” design mentality. There’s room for four crew but not a lot in the way of amenities.

Lastly, the Akela is a large shuttle with bunks for four or six. It’s the smallest design of the three and doesn’t have much more inside than the cockpit, main cabin, and bunks.

These ships are from the Sengdao 3 issue of the Armada Codex, for sale at DriveThruRPG.

The trio of small craft fills up both sides of this 18x24 inch poster. The front and back of one poster are displayed above.

The set of miniatures sold above includes 1 Sengdao, 1 Prospector, and 2 Akelas. Individual Sengdao and Prospector models, plus 4-packs of shuttles, are available below. A black 1-inch stand is included with each Sengdao and Prospector. The shuttles do not use stands.

Sengdao: $5
SVN Prospector: $5
4 Akela-class Shuttles: $6

Ryan Wolfe