This ongoing series of electronic books (.PDF Files) presents complete descriptions, deckplans, statistics, and 3D renderings of a wide variety of starships, stations, and support vessels. Future Armada is the initial product line and the Armada Codex is the newer series.

  • Both product lines include full color maps designed for miniatures (1 inch = 5 feet).
    • Divided up into printable pages, and as poster-size images where feasible.
    • Printer friendly, black & white map pages are also included.

  • Future Armada issues provide d20 Future statistics and details a specific ship and its crew.

  • Armada Codex issues present a class of ship as a whole rather than spotlight one specific vessel and crew. Generic stat blocks are supplied to aid conversion to any system and layered PDF files are employed so that the map options can be turned on and off on the fly.

  • Free Starfinder stat sheets are available for most ships on my Star Foundry page.


Since they don't fit well in the image above, I've created a separate portrait of the big ships. For those interested I created labeled versions of the Future Armada ships, the Codex ships, and the big ships showing the issue numbers and ship names.

Since the Expanse, there has been an increased interest in "Tail Landers", or ships that rely on thrust to simulate gravity and are laid out so "down" is towards the back of the ship rather than the belly. In addition to the Lochlyn IX asteroid base, here are the 0-hr ships that meet this criteria:

For use as VTT tokens here are PNG images with a transparent background for the Future Armada Future Armada Ships & Codex ships, as well as the big ships and small craft.

Lastly, here is an image with many of the early ship logos and some of my design notes on the Future Armada setting.


Thank you for stopping by - you can contact me with questions or concerns (email information can be found from the main page). I hope that the ships and stations of Future Armada and the Armada Codex may be of use to you in your campaign. More will be joining the fleet in the months ahead.


Ryan Wolfe