Anderson Place

Highrise & Plaza
2-poster Set: $32

The fifth offering in the 0hr Sci-Fi Settings product line presents two posters that layout a high-rise with office, condo, and penthouse levels.

The maps present the entire building. There's a spacious lobby on the ground floor with a gym and snack shop on the mezzanine level overlooking the foyer. Above this are two floors of office space, three levels of condos, and a couple of utility levels. The entire top floor is a spacious penthouse with a private pool and landing pad on the roof. The plaza contains a large fountain surrounded by a park bordered with a collection of food stands and some public restrooms. Behind the building is a "Parking Pit", which consists of a ground-level lot plus several subterranean levels (accessed via lifts for vehicles that are not grav-enabled).

This location is detailed in the "Anderson Place" issue of 0-hr Sci-Fi Settings for sale at DriveThruRPG


Because of its size it takes two 24x36 inch posters (four sides) to map out the complete facility, so this is a two poster set (two different posters). The front and back of both posters are displayed above. All of my maps are at 1 inch = 5 feet scale with a 1 inch grid built into the floor.


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