light frigate
poster: $25
miniature: $6

The Cervantes-class is a light frigate designed to carry a crew of about 20; typically 4 to 8 working crew plus a complement of marines. The ship is meant for patrol and escort duties either alone or in concert with similar craft. Well-armed for its size - Cervantes is durable and easy to repair, and comes in two distinct versions unimaginatively dubbed the V1 and V2.

Version 1 is laid out horizontally, using anti-grav technology to make “down” a constant 1 G towards the belly of the ship. The three long decks are laid out like a large aircraft or boat. The Cervantes-V1 has landing skids on its ventral side and uses gravitic technology - plus some vectored thrust assistance - for smooth VTOL operations.

The second version of Cervantes is built vertically and relies on thrust to approximate gravity so “down” is towards the back of the ship - and only present at all when changing speed. This one is a tail lander and has long, extendable struts to set down upon - though these are hidden out of sight otherwise. The V2 has eight smaller decks, laid out like the levels of a building.

The same miniature is usable for either version since the differences are purely internal.

This ship is detailed more extensively in the digital product Armada Codex: Cervantes for sale at DriveThruRPG.


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