processing station
2-poster Set: $36
miniature: $6

The Crucible-class is a medium-sized station designed to convert raw materials into finished goods. Some stations are used as industrial ore processing stations or gas mines. Others are employed as military academies or civilian training facilities - transforming recruits into professionals. Still others may process nothing but wealth and power as corporate outposts or crime syndicate headquarters. These stations have room for a hundred personnel and boast a variety of facilities to suit a wide range of duties.

The original ship is from Armada Codex:Crucible.


Because of its size it takes two 24x36 inch posters (four sides) to map out the complete facility, so this is a two poster set (two different posters). The front and back of both posters are displayed above. All of my maps are at 1 inch = 5 feet scale with a 1 inch grid built into the floor.
A 1-inch black flight stand is included with the miniature.


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