exploration vessel
poster: $25
miniature: $6
$35 for two copies*

This frigate carries a crew of 18 and a complement of six Sparrowhawk-class fighters. She also has a huge cargo bay originally intended to carry troops and hover tanks. Exploration, reconnaissance, journeys to distant stars - Drake is designed to fill all of these roles and more.

The original ship is from Future Armada:Drake.


*The front and back of a single poster are displayed above. Because the ship spans both sides, a special price is provided for two copies of the poster to display the entire map at once.

Some assembly is required for this model. The three engines are separate pieces from the main hull and need to be glued on. When attaching the engines, note that the VTOL vents are on the bottom and the intake slats are horizontal. A 1-inch black flight stand is included with the miniature.


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