House Overlund & Underground Base
poster: $20
$30 for two copies*

This poster presents a detailed planet-side location rather than a starship or station, but until I get a few more finished I'm going to list my 0-hr Sci-Fi Settings here with the fleet.

This second issue of 0-hr Sci-Fi Settings presents a headquarters in two parts - corresponding the two sides of the HQ-1 poster. The first part is House Overlund: an urban estate that combines a classic mansion with high tech facilities designed with off-duty adventurers in mind. Far beneath the mansion lies the second part of this offering: the underground base. This section of the headquarters holds barracks, science labs, a detention center, and other elements that are better hidden from prying eyes. Though they go together as a single location, either side could also be used alone.

This location is detailed in the "House Overlund" issue of 0-hr Sci-Fi Settings for sale at DriveThruRPG


*The front and back of a single poster are displayed above. Because the map spans both sides, a special price is provided for two copies of the poster to display the entire map at once.


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