Jinda Wolf & Hikari

corvette & transport
poster: $25
both miniatures: $10 total

Jinda Wolf is a small, fast, warship designed for patrol and escort duties. Dark and dangerous, this sleek corvette is part of the "Wolves of Albion" line and carries a crew of fourteen plus an armored personnel carrier.

The Hikari Utsuri-class is a general transport designed to haul a moderate amount of cargo and a few passengers. There are bunks for 4 to 6 crew and a couple of additional cabins for customers or extra manpower. Named for a breed of Koi, the rugged Hikari is a larger cousin of the Remora-class boarding craft seen previously.

The original designs are from the Armada Codex issues for Jinda Wolf and Hikari for sale at
"Jinda Wolf at DriveThruRPG" and "Hikari at DriveThruRPG" respectively.


The front and back of a single poster are displayed above. The pair of miniatures (one Jinda Wolf, one Hikari) is sold as a set above, but ships can be ordered individually below.
Two black 1-inch stands are included with the miniatures.

Jinda Wolf: $6
Hikari: $6

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