Kaeru, Arkadin, & Sasori

small ship set
Poster: $15
6 Miniature Set: $10

This half-sized poster features three small ships: the Kaeru scout, Arkadin ultralight carrier, and Sasori heavy fighters .

The Kaeru-class scout carries a Sasori-class fighter on its back. The scout has cabins and facilities for a crew of six. The Arkadin-class ultralight carrier was designed as a support rack for a trio of Sasori - providing a base of operations, refueling platform, and FTL assist. There are 8 bunks on board. The Sasori-class heavy fighter is a two-person strike craft equipped with a ventral hatch and couplings that let it dock with larger craft in space.

The original designs are from Armada Codex:Kaeru & Co.


The trio of small craft fills up both sides of this 18x24 inch poster. The front and back of one poster are displayed above.

The set of miniatures sold above includes 1 Kaeru, 1 Arkadin, and 4 Sasori heavy fighters. Individual Kaeru and Arkadin models, plus 4-packs of fighters, are available below. A black 1-inch stand is included with each Kaeru and Arkadin. The fighters do not use stands.

Kaeru: $5
Arkadin: $5
4 Sasori Fighters: $4

Ryan Wolfe