salvage ship
2-poster Set: $36
miniature: $7

The Kagekumo (or “Shadow spider”) class is a salvage ship. Though ostensibly designed for commercial use, this large industrial craft has become a favorite of pirates and reavers. The vessel is designed to secure and dismantle derelicts, or soon-to-be-derelicts, quickly and efficiently. She is equipped with massive harpoons fore and aft to capture and tow disabled prey, plus fold-out scaffolding studded with tractor beams and cutting lasers to embrace, immobilize, and dissect. A cadre of salvage drones can assist with disassembly or help bring down stubborn targets. She carries a standard crew of 46, though this can easily vary by plus or minus 20.

The original ship is from Armada Codex:Kagekumo.


Because of its size it takes two posters (four sides) to map out the complete ship, so this is a two poster set (two different posters). The front and back of a both posters are displayed above.
A 1-inch black flight stand is included with the miniature. Note that the scaffolds on the bottom of the ship are separate pieces. if they are not used, then the miniature can represent a Mukade-class freighter rather than a dedicated salvage ship.


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