armed courier
poster: $25
miniature: $6

Lakota is a Tomahawk-class courier with a sizable hold suitable for either cargo or craft. The main deck has an additional bay for a ground car or small fighter. Lakota is an excellent ship for a group of up to seven whether they are hauling cargo, exploring beyond the civilized worlds, or running dangerous missions.

On the flip side, the Arikara variant is a salvaged hull used by marauders and pirates. It has barracks for a dozen raiders, a breaching bore for hostile takeovers, and a detachable upper deck that can serve as an attack shuttle.

The original ships are from Future Armada:Lakota and Armada Codex:Arikara.


Some assembly is required for this model. The wing/engines are separate pieces from the hull. They can be glued on to represent the Lakota, or left off if the miniature is to be used as an Arikara marauder. A 1-inch black flight stand is included with the miniature.


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