Port Leonis

Terminal & Concourse
2-poster Set: $32

Port Leonis contains a central terminal connected to one or more remote concourses, each with two gates. Transit tubes and moving walkways connect any number of concourses and terminals so these maps can represent everything from a small landing pad with a single concourse to a sprawling facility with multiple terminals and dozens of far-flung gates.

The maps present all parts of a starport, including administrative and security sections, subterranean utilities and baggage handling areas, plus a small warehouse, maintenance garage, and special facilities so that VIPs and ship owners don't have to mix with the common travelers. The bottom edge of this set is designed to match up with the L7 and HQ-1 posters for extended continuity

This location is detailed in the "Port Leonis" issue of 0-hr Sci-Fi Settings for sale at DriveThruRPG


Because of its size it takes two 24x36 inch posters (four sides) to map out the complete facility, so this is a two poster set (two different posters). The front and back of both posters are displayed above. All of my maps are at 1 inch = 5 feet scale with a 1 inch grid built into the floor.


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