Quixote & Coyote

justicar & pirate
poster: $25
both miniatures: $10 total

This project presents two similar, but very distinct, ships: one is a noble hero and the other a vile pirate. Either ship can serve as friend, foe, or home to a band of mercenaries and adventurers.

Quixote is a roving justicar - a knight errant given the task of patrolling deep space to keep the trade lanes safe from reavers and pirates. Traveling alone but with the full authority of the Theocracy, these ships are beacons of hope in the darkness. She carries 5 officers and two dozen additional crew, plus a couple of Sarkana-class fighters, an air car, and a single multi-purpose drop pod.

The Coyote is (mostly) a Quixote-class ship. It lost a fight with a band of outlaws and now serves those it previously hunted. This is a grungy, cobbled-together pirate ship that incorporates salvaged and jury-rigged systems. It’s unique and dangerous with a reputation as a ruthless hunter. They say she once shot off her own wing to escape an interdiction mine. This one carries a crew of around 30 plus a trio of boarding pods, a wing of fighter drones (aka Fleas), a small Lokai-class shuttle, and an old flatbed truck

The original designs are from the Armada Codex: Quixote & Coyote PDF product, for sale at " DriveThruRPG".


The front and back of a single poster are displayed above. The pair of miniatures (one Quixote, one Coyote) is sold as a set above, but ships can be ordered individually below.
Flight stands are included with the miniatures.

Quixote: $6
Coyote: $6

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