poster: $25
miniature: $6

The Renegade class of starships was designed as a multipurpose vessel capable of hauling cargo, moving passengers, exploration, reconnaissance, and light combat duty. As with many such designs, the ship is adequate for a variety of roles but particularly excels at none. The small crew requirement and ease of maintenance have made the Renegade popular with independent captains and smugglers on a tight budget. During the war, the class earned a reputation as a capable corsair – able to efficiently engage targets of opportunity and then easily return to their normal duties

On the flip side of the poster is the "Winchester" variant: a military gunship built around a massive, spinal-mounted cannon. This version of the ship gives up cargo space and other amenities in exchange for overwhelming firepower.

The original ship is from Armada Codex: Renegade.

The front and back of a single poster are displayed above.
A black 1-inch stand is included with the miniature.


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