Integrated Carrier
2-poster Set: $36
3-miniature set: $10

Trinity is an integrated carrier that consists of a large primary hull and a pair of smaller cruisers that can operate independently or dock with the primary hull for extended range, increased power, and enhanced FTL capabilities.

The two cruisers are referred to as Trinity Alpha and Trinity Omega, or as "Tines" due to their elongated profile. Each can carry a crew of 70 plus half a dozen fighters, a trio of armored personnel carriers, and a large complement of multi-purpose drop pods. The forward half of the primary hull (aka Trinity Prime) is nearly identical to the Tines and shares the same deckplans. The back end, however, has expanded facilities and extended systems with long-range missions in mind.

The original ship is from Armada Codex:Trinity.

Because of its size it takes two posters (four sides) to map out the complete ship, so this is a two poster set (two different posters). The front and back of a both posters are displayed above.

Tthe Trinity miniature set includes one Prime section and two Tine sections (which are identical to each other). The minis can be used separately or together; the Tines can be cradled in the wings of the primary hull and (barring extreme maneuvers) do not require glue to stay put. Three 1-inch black flight stands are included.


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