Venture & Vega

cargo & fast transport
poster: $25
both miniatures: $10 total

Venture is a freighter with a pair of spacious bays for cargo or small craft. The command section can detach to serve as a launch or life boat. For those who value speed over storage space, Vega (a Volatus-class variant) is provided. She has no cargo bays but sports additional engines and is perfect for courier or scouting duties, or hauling low-volume high-value merchandise.

The original ships are from Future Armada: Venture for sale at "DriveThruRPG".

The front and back of a single poster are displayed above.
The pair of miniatures (one Venture, one Vega) is sold as a set above, or individually below.
A black 1-inch stands is included with each miniature.

Venture: $6
Vega: $6

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