I initially learned about 3D modeling while working as a video game programmer. These days I use 3DS MAX to create the starships for my Armada Codex product line. Many rendered images can be found in my Gallery of Starships.

To create the images used in my products, I typically start in 3DS Max. Some ships incorporate pieces from existing vessels and other are built from scratch. I then use Photoshop to add background, lens flares, and other effects.

For the miniatures, new models are created that meet the technical requirements and limitations of 3D printing. A high resolution print is used as the master for the creation of a fleet of cast resin starships. Many of these models were also used as game pieces in the Shadowstar Corsairs boardgame.

While most of my modeling experience has been starships and nearby structures, I have also used 3DS MAX to create mock ups for my boardgame and as base art for some fantasy cartography products. To wrap things up, I've included a couple of simple animations made using the existing ships.

Ryan Wolfe    ~    0-hr.com