On this page is a collection of miscellaneous art that I have done over the years. Several different styles are shown - chosen to match the theme of the game or product of which they are a part. Sorry about the potentially-long load times.

Shown here are a geographical map of a fictional island (the gnomish homeland) in a fantasy setting, and a rough view of the world of which it is a part.
This is an interior and exterior view of a cathedral created for The Algernon Files.
These two were created for BlackWyrm's pulp-era superhero book The Fires of War. (Someone else built the dinosaur models, but the setting, lighting, rendering etc. is mine)
This map demonstrates the "blue print" style made popular by d20 Modern. The second is a collection of company logos that I have created.
This is a photograph of some of my stained glass work, and another geographic image (from the same fantasy world as the island above).
Art for art's sake.
This is the cover of the Lux Aeternum Expanded Setting Guide. I did the layout and coloring. The second image is another coloring example. For both, the original line art is by Derick Thomas.
These are two pieces that I made for my own games.
And lastly, the following is a tactical map from a d20 Future game supplement I designed and wrote in 2004, as well as the cover for that product.
The first piece is a player-handout for a pen-n-paper RPG. The second is a result of my working on the Ki Ryn Studios logo while watching The Dark Crystal.

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