In the spring of 2003, I joined in the formation of a small company called BlackWyrm Games. The purpose of this endeavor was to produce some original pen-and-paper game material, as well as to complete some contracts for hire. The five of us who founded the company did most of the work ourselves, and brought several projects to completion. I did some writing, a lot of digital art and graphic design, and created the web site for the company.


In 2006, I designed and helped write a science-fantasy space opera setting for the True20 game system. As a followup to the chapter included in the main rule book, I created an Expanded Setting Guide (a brief demo document is available). Below are a some of the images that I produced for that particular project. The first couple are the front and back covers. For these two pieces, I did the composition and coloring - the initial sketches are by Derrick Thomas and Mike Vilardi respectively.

One Thousand Faces: Villains & Scoundrels

For this project, I created several dozen non-player characters of various races, classes, and levels. The write-ups included history and personality notes as well as game stats. These were all created as D&D 3.0 characters for use with Citizen Game's proprietary world.

Though I actually did this project solo, before BlackWyrm was formed, it doesn't really warrant its own page. So here it is.

Women of the Woods

This book combined art by Larry Elmore with short stories written about the characters depicted. BlackWyrm Games was contracted to provide the d20 system statistics for the characters. Given the art and the fiction we provided a brief synopsis of the character in game terms.

Larry Elmore: New Beginnings

Tintagel Media took a collection of Elmore's art and put it onto collectible trading cards. The back of each card briefly described the character in the given piece of art and directed the buyer to a website where full d20 statistics, and further text, could be found. It was our job to supply the text and the game stats, which were created using D&D 3.5.

The Algernon Files

Our first completely in-house project, this hardcover book is a collection of heroes and villains for use with Green Ronin's Mutants and Masterminds game. In addition to super-powered allies and adversaries, we include maps of new locations, and a few new rules and powers as well. I created the statistics for some of the heroes and provided some of the architectural art. The majority of my time, however, was spent creating the maps and coloring most of the art found in this book. Here is a sample - the line art is by Derrick Thomas.


The Fires of War

For the sequel, I again drew up the maps, did the accompanying art (here is an example) , and a whole lot of coloring. As with our other books, I was also charge of the design and layout for the covers.

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