"Zero Hour" is a sole-proprietor LLC that I (Ryan Wolfe) founded in 2005. It is an expansion of Ki Ryn Studios (my pre-existing DBA for creating game related art). With 0-hr, my goal was to establish a business identity that could encapsulate programming, web development, and technical document production as well as digital art. Below are some of the accomplishments of this ongoing endeavor.

The 0-hr Armada Codex

The Future Armada product line begun under Ki Ryn Studios ran to twenty issues and then morphed into the Codex series of digital documents. This new line carries on the tradition of deluxe starship designs with layered PDFs, system-independent stats, and higher resolution maps. See the Armada Overview for details on both product lines.

Deckplan Posters

In 2012 I started converting some of my ship designs to physical posters, using Kickstarter to fund the printing costs. To date I have run more than a dozen successful campaigns.

Starship Miniatures

Funded along side the matching posters, I initially created the miniatures myself using 3D prints of my models, silicone molds, and a pressure tank in my basement. These days I outsource the actual casting, though I still do the 3D modeling and get the master prints made myself.

Shadowstar Corsairs

This is a boardgame that I created using my existing ships and setting. I did all of the design, art, writing, and layout myself - making it a long and difficult, but ultimately rewarding, process. More information can be found on the Shadowstar Corsairs page.


Though I have had products for sale at conventions before, the Origins game fair in Columbus, Ohio 2017 was the first time 0-hr had a booth of its own. Posters, miniatures, and copies of the boardgame all sold well.


While the items above have been my major projects with 0-hr, I have also completed a handful of freelance contracts over the years.

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