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Welcome to 0-hr: art & technology - starship designs, digital art, and game development by Ryan Wolfe. Below you can find information about my deluxe deckplans, posters, and miniatures. These are top-quality products designed to enhance your table-top games and help bring your adventures to life. Zero hour, it's time to play!

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Posters and miniatures from my Kickstarter campaigns are available for sale via the link above. For digital products, please visit DriveThru RPG or RPGNow.



Port Zero is my ongoing collection of ships converted for use with Starfinder by Paizo Publishing. The PDFs are form-fillable and have both color and black & white layers. Flat images are also available as is a blank sheet for your own use.

Armada Codex: LAKOTA

My latest Kickstarter campaign presented the armed courier Lakota - designed for a crew of 2 to 6 and a variety of missions. On the flip side is the Arikara variant. This salvaged version is used by maurauders to conduct raids and deep space piracy.

This project was live on Kickstarter through September 12th, 2018. The digital issues from which these ships are drawn are available at RPGNow.

Armada Codex: Ziyad

The most recent digital issue of the 0-hr Armada Codex presents the Ziyad-class patrol boat, built from a stripped down version of the Seraphim-class escort frigate (aka the "Drake" explorer from issue #9 of Future Armada). The radical redesign loses the science deck and fighter wings, but adds a platoon of marines and a pair of boarding shuttles. This is the third in the "refit" series - reworking existing designs to present complete new ships at a discounted price.

Visit RPGNow for Ziyad and all of the 0-hr digital downloads.


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