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Welcome to 0-hr: art & technology - starship designs, digital art, and game development by Ryan Wolfe. Below you can find information about my deluxe deckplans, posters, and miniatures. These are top-quality products designed to enhance your table-top games and help bring your adventures to life. Zero hour, it's time to play!

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Posters and miniatures from my Kickstarter campaigns are available for sale via the link above. For digital products, please visit DriveThru RPG.



My current Kickstarter campaign (ending August 10th) presents the Praetorian-class patrol boat. Based on the Grendle-class transport, this version is larger, heavily armed, and well equipped for exploration and combat. The ship has seven individual cabins plus eight more bunks divided between a pair of dorms or barracks. This allows for a standard crew of 4 to 7 plus a contingent of marines, passengers, or additional crew.

She comes standard with a K-6 passenger shuttle in the bay and an aircar in the garage. Other amenities include a brig, tactical information center, and workshop (with a medical table). Weapons range from a trio of turrets, to large front-mounted guns, to side-mounted torpedo launchers. All told, this is a formidable ship well suited to extended patrol and policing duties in the hands of the authorities – or as a ship of exploration, adventure, or piracy in the hands of civilians.

The physical poster and resin miniature will eventually show up on my shop page here. A week or so after the campaign, the digital documents, which provide room by room descriptions and big images of the poster (front and back, with and without text) will be for sale at DriveThruRPG.com.


Port Zero is my ongoing collection of ships converted for use with Starfinder by Paizo Publishing. The PDFs are form-fillable and have both color and black & white layers. Flat images are also available as is a blank sheet for your own use.

Armada Codex

The Armada Codex and older Future Armada product lines are a series of documents and deckplans that describe a variety of ships and stations for sci-fi RPGs. For example, a recent issue of the Codex presents Atlas: a spherical tail-lander with three variants:

Europa - a freighter with a cavernous hold.
Pangea - a passenger ship with a variety of accomodations.
Meridian - a military dropship for a lance of combat mechs.

The digital documents, which provide room by room descriptions and additional details are available here, along with everything else at DriveThru RPG.

Physical posters and miniatures for most of the ships are available in the Zero Hour Shop.


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