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Welcome to 0-hr: art & technology - starship designs, digital art, and game development by Ryan Wolfe. Below you can find information about my deluxe deckplans, posters, and miniatures. These are top-quality products designed to enhance your table-top games and help bring your adventures to life. Zero hour, it's time to play!

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Posters and miniatures from my Kickstarter campaigns are available for sale via the link above. For digital products, please visit DriveThru RPG or RPGNow.



With the release of Starfinder by Paizo Publishing, I am working on stat block conversions for many of my ships. The first step was coming up with a good looking starship sheet and I've put the blank version online for general use. It is form-fillable and has both color and black & white layers. The image below is just a big JPEG. Click on the text link here for the blank, form-fillable, layered, Starship PDF file*.

*Best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader and field highlighting turned off

Armada Codex: Crucible

Issue #5 of the Armada Codex is now available at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG! The Crucible-class is a medium-sized station designed to convert raw materials into finished goods. Some stations are used as industrial ore processing stations or gas mines. Others are employed as military academies or civilian training facilities - transforming recruits into professionals. Still others may process nothing but wealth and power as corporate outposts or crime syndicate headquarters. These stations have room for a hundred personnel and boast a variety of facilities to suit a wide range of duties.

The Crucible-class station was also the subject of a Kickstarter Campaign run earlier in the year. Backers already have their merchandise and the posters and miniatures will be available to the general public soon.

Future Armada: Redux Beta

Issue #20 of Future Armada is also on the virtual shelves of RPGNow and DriveThruRPG! This issue is "Redux Beta" and presents variants based on the existing ships Morningstar and Ajax (from the MisFortune issue). It also includes a collection of cargo containers to use as colony pods and a variant TOAD to help deliver them.

This is the final issue of Future Armada, though the Armada Codex line (with layered PDFs and generic stat blocks) will continue at full speed.

Shadowstar Corsairs

Funded via Kickstarter with all stretch goals unlocked, production and distribution of my inaugural board game is complete! Using the ships and setting from Armada and Codex, Shadowstar Corsairs puts players in command of a small fleet of armed merchant ships vying for control of the chaotic but lucrative Shadowstar Expanse. Copies of the game are available for sale in the Shadowstar Shop.


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