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Welcome to 0-hr: art & technology - starship designs, digital art, and game development by Ryan Wolfe. Below you can find information about my deluxe deckplans, posters, and miniatures. These are top-quality products designed to enhance your table-top games and help bring your adventures to life. Zero hour, it's time to play!

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Posters and miniatures from my Kickstarter campaigns are available for sale via the link above. For digital products, please visit DriveThru RPG.



My most current Kickstarter presents a large industrial salvage ship that fills up both sides of two posters. With its harpoons, gravitic grapples, cutting lasers, and salvage drones, this one is a favorite of pirates and reavers as well as honest operators. As always, it comes with a matching miniature and supporting documents.

This project is on Kickstarter through August 21st, 2019. The PDF documents and digital images of the poster will be for sale after the campaign at DriveThru RPG while Starfinder stats will be on my Port Zero page for free download.


Port Zero is my ongoing collection of ships converted for use with Starfinder by Paizo Publishing. The PDFs are form-fillable and have both color and black & white layers. Flat images are also available as is a blank sheet for your own use.

Armada Codex

The latest issue of the Codex presents a trio of small ships that vary greatly in both style and intended use. All are perfect for a small group of starfarers just starting out or looking for a new ride. Sengdao is a high-end transport, considered a yacht by some. The SNV Prospector is a working ship made to mine and transport metal ore. Lastly, the Akela-class is a shuttle with bunks for four or six. This issue is available at DriveThru RPG.


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